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through: design, manufacturing, sustainability or internationalisation

Innovation, Sustainability and People

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We advance whilst not forgetting who we are, without complexes, achieving our own expectations and goals with feeling and offering confidence.”
D. Vicente Berbegal Pérez President and Founder of Actiu Group

Our Values


More than 100.000 references
Management of 6.000 tailor made projects
R&D reinvestment 5% of the billing


20 product awards
28 company awards


3 production warehouses 40.000 m3

Industrial production capacity

355.000 chairs/year
200.000 cabinets/year
240.000 desks/year
1.000.000 m3 of storage
-33% of consumption through the centralisation of services


Energy solar plant

We avoid admitting 8.250 Tm of C02 per year
We generate 7.000.000 kWh clean energy per year
x6 consumption


2.000 trees
5.000 Mediterrean plants
35% of
built on land

Water collection and storage

Underground cisterns 12.000 m3


International Showrooms

We export to more than 84 countries


1 countries


Vicente Berbegal founded a small workshop that manufactured all types of furniture requested.

  • 200 products
  • 400 facilities
2 countries


The workshop grew and a company structure was created. The company was renamed Creaciones Berbegal. It specialized in home furniture. The television stand was well received.

  • 1.500 products
  • 1.200 facilities
6 countries


It entered into the IT and Home Office industry. It had a lot of success with furniture for PC´s.

  • 7.500 products
  • 8.000 facilities
19 countries


The ACTIU Brand was created. Expansion phase into the equipment for offices.

  • 30.000 products
  • 12.000 facilities
34 countries


Equipment for mayor projects. Recognition of the Brand internationally. Leadership position.

  • 45.000 products
  • 19.000 facilities
60 countries


Actiu Technology Park Inauguration. Worldwide flagship projects. Actiu is valued by prescribers, architects, designers...

  • 60.000 prod.
  • 108.000 facilit.
75 countries


Consolidation of the Brand internationally. Implementation of flagship projects at worldwide level in various sectors. The implementation of Actiu´s own spaces.

  • 100.000 prod.
  • 108.000 facilit.
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