super-stackable for multipurpose spaces




With an informal and elegant profile, Whass is designed for contract environments and more modern spaces. Its range of models, finishes and structures allows a varied and flexible usage. Its most remarkable quality is its super-stackability, which enables maximum space optimisation

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FINISHES, variety


natural element

Whass is defined as a comprehensive and diverse range of products covering various uses and spaces based on the same framework, that can be combined with different structures to create a wide variety of options.

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WARMTH, natural element


storage capacity

A multifunctional product that's light and easy to move, based on a monoblock framework. It can be easily stacked in a cart with up to 30 units and up to 15 units in a vertical position.

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SUPER-STACKABLE, storage capacity


designed for contract spaces

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All available models of Whass super-stackable chair


ITEMdesignworks is a leading spanish design consultancy based in Bilbao.


All available documentation for the Whass multipurpose chair

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