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Constant challenge

Karbon is the result of an innovative process and business progress. It is the achievement of a productive and creative challenge; challenging ourselves to prove that we can reach new goals, work with new materials, create new products and dare to go where few others do not. All of this is done without losing the essence of Actiu's products - comfort, functionality and utility.

Karbon, Constant challenge


Industrial Art

Karbon is the result of years of research, work and intense collaboration between Actiu and the designer from ITEMDesignworks, Javier Cuñado. Its ingenious design, which has been awarded a Red Dot Award 2019, generates unexpected angles and silhouettes. Its impeccable ergonomics combine highly advanced technological processes with handmade and thorough production.

Design, Industrial Art


Pure craftsmanship

The Karbon manufacturing process takes 45 work days to create each chair. All the pieces have a hollow interior, hence it is extremely light but also resistant and warm to the touch. Its advanced technical qualities favour the durability of the furniture, which will remain unchanged over time.

Process, Pure craftsmanship

Carbon Fibre

Technology and Vanguard

Carbon fibre is the hallmark of Karbon, a material that is traditionally associated with elite sports and the aerospace industry, that has removed the creative limitations from these chairs; from it's metallic luster and warm and sensual touch, to its lightness, robustness and seat comfort, they are all based on one material and a careful design.

Carbon Fibre, Technology and Vanguard

Feel the carbon.

Touch the fibre.

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ITEMdesignworks is a leading spanish design consultancy based in Bilbao.


All the documentation available on Karbon: Image gallery, technical specifications, Autocad library and 3DMax library.

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