From a blank, open-plan space to custom offices filled with light and colour. 

Art, open spaces and plenty of light. These are the hallmarks of the headquarters of the Douglas perfume chain in Vilnius (Lithuania), which has been equipped with Actiu solutions as part of an interior design project carried out by LT Project and the architect Karolis Kyzikas.

In this case, they started with a blank canvas. An open-plan space originally used for commercial purposes, converted into a work space designed and executed according to the client's needs, aiming for spaciousness, comfort, brightness, collaborative areas and well-being.

Located on the second floor of a building on Zamenhofas str. 3 and with a surface area of 263.32 square metres, these offices house 17 permanent workers, but also regularly receive visitors, hence the importance of creating separate and, at the same time, interconnected spaces that allow for ease of movement.

The concept of interior design is based on three essential elements: functional solutions, open atmosphere and brand identity. 

Functional solutions. In addition to office space, this space is also used for employee training and public events. This is why this project divides the surface into workspaces and display spaces, while at the same time creating connections between them to create rational and ergonomic movement patterns.

Open atmosphere. An open and luminous space that promotes team spirit and guarantees comfort by  means of the furniture and acoustic solutions.

Brand identity that is reinforced by interior design (femininity, beauty, freshness and light) from the furniture and artistic decoration of the walls.

Taking into account the functional and emotional needs and the architectural character of the space, work has been carried out on the basis of the concept of transparency, using glass panels that combine the insulation of individual spaces with visual communication, a duality reinforced with the Actiu furniture, with which 17 individual workstations have been equipped - eight workstations in offices and another eight in an open space, as well as one in the reception area -.

The furniture has been personalised with the bright, corporate colours of Douglas, also applied to the artistic creations that decorate the walls of these offices.

In addition, several meeting areas have been designed, one larger - for private meetings that can be reconfigured to create training rooms and spaces for public events - one at the entrance, with access from the lobby, for shorter meetings where visitors can participate, and a third, inside the open space, for employee meetings and for testing Douglas products.

In the case of the individual workstations, the Douglas offices have been equipped with "Twist Gen" work tables, designed by Enrico Frigerio, for the qualities of optimisation, collaboration and closeness that they bring to the space, and the Efit chair, designed by Alegre Design, for its design, comfort and ergonomics. In the case of meeting areas, Wing chairs have been chosen for their comfort and quality.

In the execution of this project, the work processes, movement patterns and the communication, socialisation and other needs of the client have been specifically analysed, taking into account the Cool Working® support process by Actiu, which defines spaces for socialisation, concentration, communication and learning.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.


enveloping design

By Ramos & Bassols


a distinctive aesthetic

By Marcelo Alegre


contemporary office

By Enrico Frigerio

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