Grefusa, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of snacks and other products derived from corn and potato, has become the first national company and one of the most important firms in its sector in Europe. The company was founded in 1929 and recently opened new facilities at its headquarters in Alzira (Valencia). The new plant has a surface area of more than 35000 m2 and has 600 employees. Grefusa entrusted Actiu to equip its new offices.

The interior architecture of these new installations are characterized by minimalism, space and light. This is a project that requires very specific furniture, capable of blending itself perfectly with the space.

For the workstations, located in a spacious room with unique decoration, we have used double desks from the Vital program, with electrification, recessed legs and a white surface which contrasts against the charcoal grey of the flooring. The aluminium table top dividers and mobile pedestals have given each workstation better functionality. The TNK 30 chair brings a touch of avant-guarde and ergonomics.

In the offices the Arkitek desk has been selected in glass and supported on Block, seeking to create an elegant and attractive space. The chairs used in this installation are Kados for management and UMA for visitors, to match the black and white in the room.

Different configurations have been enabled in the meeting rooms dependent on needs and the philosophy in each area. In the management offices a line of sobriety and elegance have been kept. In contrast, in the large format room, warmer tones have been chosen such as translucent glass and wood.

For the other meeting rooms, where we wanted to produce a more informal air, desks have been used from the Vital program and UMA chairs, upholstered in a cheerful orange.

In the public areas and the cafe a relaxed, fresh and practical environment was sought and so it was decided to use the Viva chair with four legs, white shell and with pistachio padding, complemented with Dynamic desks.

The final result is equipment tailored to the needs of the new installations. Furniture that combines design, functionality and comfort. A leading and groundbreaking proposal which defines Grefusa as a leading brand.

Products installed


architectural elegance

By Marcelo Alegre


Vital and PRO



technological backrest

By Marcelo Alegre


executive seating

By Javier Lledó


natural style

By Javier Lledó


unmistakable geometry

By Marcelo Alegre


office pedestal files



qualitative storage

By Marcelo Alegre

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