Indra is a global company of technology, innovation and talent, leader in high added value solutions and services which operates in more than 128 countries and has more than 42000 professionals worldwide . It is the second European country for its market capitalization of its sector and one of the three Spanish companies with more investment in R & D. Actiu has been chosen to equip its new offices in Mexico where Indra offers a strong portfolio of solutions and services.

The Dynamic desk has been used to solve different needs and spaces. On the one hand, their version of the central desk presides in the waiting areas situated in different points of the facilities. The same program Dynamic has also been configured for the training rooms, rectangular desks, diaphanous surface in melamine and aluminized structure. For the computer rooms the model is combined with a melamine table top in white, differentiating the rooms via a colour scheme.

For the operative positions Vital has been chosen, a wide program of desks with a simple style and elegance which creates multiple possibilities of configuration and finishes. The TNK30 chair with a back made of elastic fabric that facilitates perspiration complements the installation.

Multi-user desks have been placed, with recessed legs which allow configurations of 4 or more work positions. Although the composition is open, a double panel table top divider has been chosen which provides face to face privacy to each operating station. A suspended wiring channel allows efficient management of wiring and optimizes the surface of the desk.

The elegant wenge colour is used to dress the meeting rooms and boardrooms. This is another finish option of the Vital desk programs.

The rest areas and the cafeteria have been designed with a cheerful colour (corporate red and orange) on a white background. The Cafeteria tables in white phenolic and aluminized bases make up the centre around which are the fun and avant guard Viva chairs.

Products installed


Vital and PRO



technological backrest

By Marcelo Alegre


unmistakable geometry

By Marcelo Alegre


canteen tables


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